Corporate portal at Microsoft SharePoint

We offer using advantages of standard Microsoft SharePoint tools to the most extent with minimal expenditures for development and configuring. In this case possibilities for further developing customized solution for the demands of specific business appear.

This solution allows:

  • Increasing efficiency of cooperative work with documents due to using document libraries instead of shared network folders. Document libraries provide file versioning, capability of simultaneous work of several users, protected access both inside corporate network and through internet. Moreover, work with documents is available without Microsoft Office installed on the local computer – just by using web-client.
  • Facilitating approving and cooperative developing documents due to forgoing sending documents via e-mail. Instead of this users exchange the link to the document being stored in the library and each of them works with the latest document version.
  • Using ready-to-use processes of agreeing and approving documents.
  • Using full-text search in documents.
  • Using SharePoint lists for storing such shared data as contacts or calendar. In this case access to these data is available both through web-browser and in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Synchronizing documents stored at the server with their local copies on the drive automatically by using SkyDrive Pro application. In this case the user can work with documents in usual way opening and saving them on local drive without connecting to the network (for instance, user can work outside the office in the absence of any internet connection). Later (when returning to the office or when connecting to internet) local changes are synchronized with the server.

According to estimations of reputable experts using standard features of Microsoft SharePoint allows reducing non-productive time in working with documents up to 30%.