Leroy Merlin

As a major actor on the worldwide DIY market, Leroy Merlin helps residents and homeowners with their home-improvement projects.

As the founding enterprise of the GROUPE ADEO, Leroy Merlin specializes in sales of products and solutions and, in doing so, makes a unique commitment: to provide home improvement solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs.


  • The leading French player in the international DIY market,
  • Placed 1st in Europe,
  • Placed 3th in the world.

The GROUPE ADEO companies produced a turnover of 15.2 billion euros in 2012 and showed an annual growth of some 8%. 4000 employees have joined us in 2012. 70000 employees work to turn the dreams of the world's population into reality through 27 companies established in 13 countries. GROUPE ADEO brings nine trademarks of D.I.Y. (Do-It-Yourself) sector in for professional categories together:

  • THE Multispecialists LEROY MERLIN
  • Local Chains: AKI, BRICOCENTER and WELDOM
  • Warehouse stores: BRICOMAN and BRICOMART
  • Innovating concepts: ZODIO, KBANE, DELAMAISON.FR

A Leroy Merlin store is a do-it-yourself hypermarket. It is also a place where everyone can find the products and specialized advice they need, whatever their desires, needs, or level of expertise may be. Staying close to customers is at the core of Leroy Merlin’s business. Our objective is simply to help our customers imagine the home of their dreams and, above all, to achieve it:

  • By adapting to local markets,
  • By meeting with residents and homeowners to learn about their living environment,
  • By offering products and services that satisfy their needs,
  • By taking an interest in each customer’s plans,
  • By providing friendly, easy-access stores.

This mission is forever expressed in the Leroy Merlin logo, which symbolises the roof of a house. It is reflected in by common values that are shared and lived by all employees.